The road to a happy job begins at school. At FAVEA, we therefore regularly organize internships and excursions for high school students. Last Wednesday, April 13, enthusiastic young faces came to us again, who will soon decide on their future profession.

This time we welcomed students from the Secondary Industrial School of Chemistry, Academician Heyrovsky. Our team led them through the production and microbiology laboratories, where they may be walking around as chemists, laboratory technicians and technologists in a few years.

“It was great to see the enthusiastic young faces who came with the expectation of what a real company looks like. Within the study, he usually sees only theory, pictures, or part of laboratory equipment. With us, they have the opportunity to see how things work in real life, how products are made and what technologies can be used. It was beautiful to see their enthusiasm for production, there were a lot of funny messages, it was nice. In the end, they acknowledged that they already knew what to expect in the future, ”commented Lukáš Černák, the manager of the production department, who accompanied the students around the company together with other colleagues. 

We believe that working with schools is the right way to support their practical skills and show them future work up close. 

We keep our fingers crossed for students in studying and choosing a profession according to their ideas and dreams.