The first in the Czech Republic, the second in the Europe. As part of our COMBICAPS® technology, we developed a unique ” capsule-in-capsule ” in this year.

Thanks to this unique technology, we can combine different active substances and compositions in a single product. This innovation also has added value for the B2C clients, who no longer has to use two or three products, but only takes one capsule.

Development and innovative solutions are still ongoing and in the future you can look forward to more capsules in one capsule. The only limiting factor will be the price.

In one capsule, you will receive, for example, a combination of probiotics with magnesium and omega-3 oil in the form of powder and oil. “A number of active ingredients are more accessible to the body in an oily environment. In generally way, it´si usually recommended to drizzle the salad with oil. A number of active substances are better transported in the oil and better absorbed by the body,” explains Martina Pavlova, saying that the capsule-in-capsule will be suitable for health nutrition supplements and pharmaceutical products.