A milestone for the success and development of FAVEA a.s. the obtained certifications, which prove the credit and trust of our partners, also contributed.

Favea Quality Management System (QMS)

FAVEA a.s. operates under the quality management system that guarantees the achievement of a high standard of products by being managed as a complex, and this approach reflect into all processes across the company. From the very beginning, when we thoroughly evaluate and choose the raw materials and their suppliers to the output in the form of a quality product corresponding to the requirements of the customer and state authorities.



GMP/SVP – Certification for human medicinal products
TGA – Complementary medicine
Bio certification
FDA – Food and Drug administration
(reg. no. Kopřivnice 17982476584, reg. no. Lubina 18459929322)
OK KOSHER certification
ÚKZÚZ – Central institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture
– Registration for the production of feed