The story of each of our colleagues is unique and deserves attention. Today we would like to dedicate our text to our colleague Radim Šimeček, who is not only a great collaborator, but also an athlete in body and soul. We are therefore honored to be a part of his cycling life and to support him in racing.

Each member of the FAVEA team has a personal story that is worth attention and support. We believe that work-life balance is central to our lives. We therefore see the reconciliation of work and personal life as a priority. 

For this reason, we decided to support Radim Šimeček, our great colleague and cycling enthusiast, who will now ride in a red and black FAVEA jersey.

I advise you to step on it! Thank you for wearing the FAVEA brand with such grace and style. We wish you good health and a lot of strength in the cycling race 2022. Break the neck!